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Oh! Isn’t the cover of this book just beautiful? On Aprilynne’s blog I saw a picture of the British cover of the book, and I fell in love with it too! Not only the cover is beautiful, but the story inside is fresh and clean and compelling. This is the review I wrote for my goodreads; I hope you enjoy it. 

Wings Wings by Aprilynne Pike

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
I love everything fairies, and I’m so happy I found out about this new and successful Utah author from following Nathan Bransford’s blog. He’s an agent and linked Aprilynne’s blog on his post the day Wings reached #6 on the NYT best-sellers’; just a few days later Wings had made it to the #1 spot.

Now to the story. It starts by describing Laurel, a 15 year-old girl, as she starts her first day of school ever. She had been homeschooled up to that point. School is not the only change Laurel has to face during the following weeks. She finds friends and love, and a personal discovery that will shake her life and make her doubt everything she had believed up until then.

She also finds love; who will she choose? The trustworthy human friend, or the handsome fairy she can’t remember consciously but whom she feels so attracted to.

I agree with other readers, the beginning is a little slow, but in a way, I’m happy I got the first several pages to get to know Laurel and her family before her secret was revealed.

I can’t wait for the next book of the series. One of the bad things about reading a book by a new author is waiting for the next book to come out. It is also one of the most fun things. Oh! The speculation and anxiety! I love this kind of torture!!!!!

Go Aprilynne! I’m so happy that this is happening to her. Her own experience is a fairy tale to me, and I hope one day I can have my very own!

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2 responses to “Wings, by Aprilynne Pike”

  1. Thanks for book review. You’ve made me want to check it out myself!!

  2. heather says:

    Hi! I just read one of your comments on Rachelle Gardner’s blog about looking for a writing group. I was wondering in you happen to be in the Orem/ Provo area, and if you are still looking for a group?

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