Sunday, 7 June 2009

This week I have learned that even though school is over, the crazy running continues. Gorgeous Boy had futbol camp this week, and although it was only two hours long in the afternoon, it was everyday, and it cut my days in two. I felt myself under a permanent cloud of exhaustion, yes, like Eeyore being followed by a cloud, except my cloud wasn’t gloomy, but tiredness.
The best part of camp was that my best friend G is finally (!!!) moving back to our area (same county, at least), and she signed up her son in the same camp. Gorgeous and Friend were born ten days apart, and they have been dear, dear friends since they were babies. The rest of our kids adore each other too, so they play happily and we talk and talk and talk, and we wash down our words with an endless stream of mate. She drinks it bitter, and I like it sweet. But G and I have reached a compromise, we only put sugar in the mate when it’s my turn to drink. I drink it a lot more bitter than I’m used to, and she drinks it sweeter than she would like, but we can both live with it. It’s mate for crying out loud! And she loves futbol too; she’s a fellow Scoundrel (The Scoundrels, Rosario Central, my home town team), and get this one: yesterday I drove two and a half hours to my beautiful niece’s baptism. During the whole drive, Argentina was playing against Colombia in the World Cup Qualifiers, and of course I cou;dn’t watch the game. G texted me the whole game, telling me how bad Argentina was playing (we have the most expensive players in the world!), and then the much desired message of “Goaaaaaal” and then “it’s finally over.” Now, that’s a good friend. And if you’re worried about my checking texts while I was driving, don’t fret, there were such horrific traffic jams than the usual one hour drive was the aforementioned two and a half. We were perfectly safe everytime a message came, or if I was driving during a spare stretch of normal speed, I waited until I reached my destination. See?
I also learned that cousins are the best of friends. My kids are spending the weekend with the cousins, and they’re having a blast. It must be the call of the blood because even though my kids and Jeff’s nieces and nephews don’t see each other a whole lot, every time we get together, they hug and play and laugh nonstop.
I’ve also learned that even when I complain about the dogs, I still love them so much!!! Coco had some kind of accident this week. I don’t know for sure because no one saw what happened. He suddenly started yelping, shaking and panting. I knew he was in pain, and when the kids were already in bed, I took him to the Animal ER. $350.00 later, we still don’t know what’s wrong with him, but the Dr suspected it was his back. Fortunately we have some medication to give him, and he’s been doing OK. But guess what? From being a lively seven pound Maltese, he’s now diminished to three pounds of tail-wigging-loving-eyes, aging dog. It make me sad, and it helps me treasure him and Dandi more. And everyone for that matter.
I’ve also learned that once I start writing I can’t stop. As I’m sure you’ve already known all along. But seriously, the last day of school this idea came to my mind and I have been working on it everyday. I’m 15,000 words into a new manuscript, and I’m in love with my story. I think about it all the time, and it’s moving along smoothly. That’s why I haven’t posted all this week. I’m just too busy with my “new baby.”
I can summarize this week into saying that I’ve learned I can do things I don’t like very much just because I love my family and friends (and dogs) and what I do. I don’t like sleeping only three hours a night; I don’t like chasing kids in the park or around the pool; I hate going to the vet. But I still do what I have to do because the reasons are important to me. Does that make sense to you?

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