Friday, 31 July 2009

Every day, when I’m the busiest, making breakfast, cleaning, chasing the dogs, chasing the kids, etc. I think about different things to blog about.
Some examples are:

  • The black widow spider I saw on the kitchen door yesterday morning.
  • How happy I am to have had my hair done by the awesome C.
  • How grateful I am for wonderful neighbors/friends who babysit so I can get my hair done. I love you A!
  • How I am stuck at 48,000 words in my manuscript, and even though I can SEE the next several chapters and the end, this part I’m stuck in feels like a giant, suffocating spider web that I can’t get through.
  • Swan Princess makes the funniest comments, but when I’m going to write them down I don’t remember what she said anymore.
  • How happy I feel when I clean my house (yes, I have an obsession with a clean house, and I love doing the work myself).
  • Why do I feel like school just finished when it’s actually time to go back in two weeks!
  • I don’t understand twitter.
  • Argentina-Brazil will be played at El Gigante de Arroyito, Central’s stadium, and I soooooo wish I could go back to Argentina just to watch the game in September, even if I go for just one day.
  • My dad’s canary, Pichuco, died today of natural causes.
  • My fear of driving through American Fork Canyon, which means that in order to visit my best friend I have to drive down to Orem and then through Provo Canyon for one hour, when it could take me twenty minutes through AF.
  • I can read a very scary book (actually two of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice) and not be scared (because Jeff was home at night, and I usually read them at the beach, under the blinding Texas sun and a vampire could not have gone there), but when I return home, my mind recalls each and every one of the scariest sentences (like: “I can go through any door and locks,” “They didn’t hear me coming,” “Claudia likes families, and takes them one by one”) and I can’t sleep until it’s past two in the morning, at least.

I think about all these subjects, but when I sit down to write a post, I’m so worn out, I stare at the screen and not a single word comes out of my fingers. So I’ll leave it at the list.
Maybe August will bring some inspiration and eloquence so that I can make more sense and write a better post.

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2 responses to “Brain Freeze”

  1. Crystal says:

    And that is when you stop reading such scary stories. I had to stop watching some of my favorite tv shows for the same reason and now most nights I can fall asleep on my own instead of passing out from exhaustion.

  2. Stacy says:

    I so agree with you about twitter, and cleaning house. I feel so relaxed after my house is all clean! I bet it is good to be home!

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