Saturday, 15 August 2009

Night before last I stayed up until after 1 o’clock writing. I had a sudden rush of inspiration because I had been reading “How Green Was My Valley” from the uber-amazing Richard Llewellyn, and how can you not be inspired after reading such words? Well, the thing is that the night before, and all that night, every time I opened my Google page, I saw the Google “doodle” of the Perseid Meteor Shower. Every time I see something like that I think, “How cool it would be to go out and see this and that.” But I NEVER do it. Wednesday night though, I went to wake Gorgeous Boy, who had fallen asleep reading the third Percy Jackson book. The book had landed open on his face. I thought, “How fitting!” because the Perseids are named after the Perseus constellation. Percy–Perseus, get it? Perseus is actually Percy’s real name. OK, enough ranting. The thing is that my boy would not wake up, and instead Swan Princess opened her sleepy eyes, and looked at me hard, trying to make out if I was a dream (I hope not a nightmare) or if it was my real me. So I invited her to come along (you could not pay me enough to go out at night by myself!). She jumped from her bed, and grabbed the first stuffed animal she could, and followed me along the dark house.
We opened the door, and the world looked so different by the light of the silver moon shining from behind the house. I had brought along an over sized pillow ( a flat round cushion), and we lay waiting for the shooting stars a coupple of steps from the front porch. Our blankets kept us warm in spite of the wind that blew hard and chilly. Then, I heard her intake of breath, and we both said at the same time, “Look at that!” as the golden streak of light vanished into the darkness. Soon, there were too many shootings stars to count. And as it always is when you are watching the sky, out into infinity, she asked me that if God had made the stars and the worlds, then who made Him, and that Maker, and the next, forever and ever. I answered that I still get a headache when I think about that.
We saw several yellow shooting stars, and then with a “Whoosh!” a radiant blue that seemed burnt into my retina because when I close my eyes, I can still see it.
Sometimes the wind blew a certain way and moved the tree branches and the bushes, and I thought I saw things that weren’t there at all, and my heart would jump without notice, and I would feel my cheeks burn by the adrenaline rush. But then, feeling her tiny, fragile hand in mine, I felt peace again, looking into the sky, and seeing the bits of light crossing above us.
“Mami, I love you.” She said, and hugged me. That was the most miraculous thing all night. That united under the expanse, feeling our smallness, we could also feel so important in another’s eyes. My daughter. My shining star. I hope her light never vanishes like the Perseids. I know she brightens my days with her ideas and the things she says, her knowing eyes, her simple smiles. That small little girl, with such a sensitive, perceptive soul.
It was but an hour in our lives, but it will remain in my heart forever.

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  1. Cristina says:

    Que lindo escribes Yami! que maravilloso que hayas podido compartir ese momento con tu Maga.

    Nunca habia escuchado a Keane, me encanto!buenas noches y gracias por tu amistad, un abrazo

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