Friday, 4 September 2009

My kids love all kinds of music. Recently I was putting away some of my son’s books, and The Dairy of a Wimpy Kid (the one kids write in, as a journal) fell open and I read the first line. It said:
What are your favorite songs?
Answers by Gorgeous Boy:
1. Beat it (Michael Jackson)
2. You give love a bad name (I think it’s actually “Shot to the Heart” by Bon Jovi)
3. Cemeteries of London (Coldplay)
I had to smile. Being the product of a multi-cultural family, they listen to anything.
Last week Depeche Mode came to town, and since NONE of my friends answered my Facebook request for a companion, I took Gorgeous and Swan.
They had a blast. At times I enjoyed looking at their faces more than at the band. This is also because even though we had amazing floor seats, when you are only 5’1′ it’s a matter of fate for Gigantor to be in front of you. I had a stiff neck the next day from craning my head to the sides to catch a glimpse of the band, but it was worth it.
Swan laughed and laughed at the crazy “old” people jumping up and down at the sound of the music. And when the band sang “Wrong” she said “ROAR!!!! We had a ton of fun.
I know we pass on to our kids not only our religious beliefs and customs, but everything else, like a love of reading, writing, and of course, musical influences. It was the kids’ first time seeing a world renown band. Now I can’t wait for Coldplay to come back (Jeff and I just saw them in December) and Keane (whom I missed in June).   

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  1. Cristina says:

    I wanted to go with you but we had spent money already for the American Idol Concert. But I'm happy that you enjoyed it with such good company. Let me know when Coldplay and Keane come to Utah and I will go with you! Te mando un abrazo

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