Thursday, 15 October 2009

Nathan, AKA dream agent, has an excellent contest going on. Go check it out:
The first time I saw his post there were 840 entries. I read it on my phone, which is not my preferred medium to type, so I waited until I got home. That night there were 1300 entries. I thought, “Well, why would I ever enter? So many wonderful entries!”
The next day, when the entries had climbed to 2000, I thought, “I might as well throw my little grain of salt into the ocean. Who knows? I might get lucky. And since mine will be amongst the last entries, he might remember it easier.”
Well, entries are over 2300, and even though the contest ends today, if you want to be daring, go ahead and enter your submission.
I have been so lazy blogging! But my good excuse is that I am deep into revisions for my manuscript which I finished on September 30th. It was the date/goal I had in mind when I started. Even though that night  I had to stay until 3 AM I finished it.
I read through it already, and I’m blown away at the amount of work still ahead of me, but I have hope. There are some little gems among those 86,000 words.
Also, I’m already plotting in my head the novel I will write during NaNoWriMo. It’s a story that I have been so anxious to tell, that just thinking about it makes me smile.
Kids are in Fall break, and when I take a break from entertaining them,  I will sit down and write a proper post. Now, to get ready to go to the pumpkin patch!

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