Saturday, 31 October 2009

This will be a lightening post. We’re a couple of hours from the great Halloween festivities. They will mainly involve massive amounts of candy, wild kids, uncontrollable crying when the sugar high subsides, and many high fructose induced nightmares. Other than that, It’ll be fun!
I DVR’ed lots of shows. After last year fiasco with Saw V, I’m never renting out a horror movie. What a waste of money and desire to be scared!
I’ve been getting my dose of fright by reading “The Queen of the Damned,” third book in the Vampire Trilogy. I love Lestat, Louis and Armand. My favorite vampires. But please you gorgeous guys (yes, you vampires) don’t attempt any contact with me; I’m very happy just reading about you on Halloween.
El Cangri is wearing a Batman outfit that he got for his birthday; Swan is a mermaid, Chubbers is Snow-white (how do you spell it? Two “W’s”?), and Gorgeous decided Thursday night, like 6 hours before his school party, that he wanted to be the ghost he saw in the Chasing Fireflies catalog. Since it was impossible for me to get the costume in such a short notice (he’s clearly Jeff’s and mine son, the procastinator), he agreed to wear long white underwear and a draped sheet. I powdered his exuberant curls, and painted his face. He did look like a ghost. I’ll be an Autumn Fairy, and Jeff’s still undecided, the procastinator. It’s only 3 hours till trick-or-treating!
On Thursday we went to a Halloween store, and El Cangri totally freaked out. The older kids and I were bent over laughing (oh the meanness! But it was funny!) and Chubbers kept yelling, “Leave him alone!” to the many Halloween decorations and props. She extended her little arm, as if stopping the infernal fiends with her chubby little hands. And the voice she made! She sounded so tough. I finally had to give up trying to pay for the hair glitter spray, and I asked the guy dressed as a werewolf to move from the door so that I could leave. I wonder if people thought the store had pay me to have a shrieking child thrashing on the floor because he was so scared. It was funny for me and the older kids, but the little ones were terrified.
As soon as we get a picture with our costumes, I’ll post it. For now, Happy Halloween! And be safe! And have fun!

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  1. Crystal says:

    🙂 So fun! Jayden and Kjersti were also batman and snow white.

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