Monday, 14 February 2011

Last week I joined a few other bloggers in participating of a virtual Secret Valentine blogfest. I loved the concept, and when I found out whose Secret Valentine I am, I was even more excited: Kristin Miller, one of the brilliant minds behind the idea.

I don’t know Kristin in person, but just reading her blogs (yes, she has multiple blogs) gave me a hint of who she is, and made me wish I knew how to design a beautiful blog–or hire someone to do it for me–, and write such insightful/useful blog posts.

Without being a stalker, I found a lot of interesting things about her just from her blog:

  • She’s such a romantic. I mean, her favorite fictional couple are Anne (yes, from the Green Gables) and Gilbert.
  • She has excellent taste: among her favorite movies are The Borne Trilogy and she likes the Fiennes brothers.
  • She loves to travel. Such a free spirit.
  • She’s brave. She travels by herself, and likes meeting new people in her travels. I wish more like that. I have a hard time on Sundays if my friends are not at Church.
  • She’s crafty. Not only does she post wonderful ideas for crafts, like a wintery rose wreath or a pendant with charms made out of book pages, but she also links to the tutorial. She’s generous and thoughtful too.
  • She writes wonderful book reviews. Even though her comments of  YUMMY: THE LAST DAYS OF A SOUTHSIDE SHORTY by G. Neri, ill by Randy DuBurke are brief, they sparked my interest in it right away. It’s already on my TBR ever-growing mountain (pile doesn’t really fit anymore).
  • Her favorite drink is water, and she loves yoga pants. 
  • She’s hard working: not only is she a YA and MG author, but she’s also an agent with the D4EO agency. She’s also part of the the wonderful YA Highway bloggers.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, Kristin. I’m very glad of this opportunity to get to know you a little through this fun event.

And Happy Valentine’s day to all of you, whether you are single or in a couple. Love is everywhere!

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10 responses to “Sharing the Love”

  1. Abby Stevens says:

    Kristin is great! You certainly captured all the reasons I love her blog! I'm like you, not liking to be alone, so the fact she travels all over the world by herself leaves me in awe of her!

  2. Aw, thanks Yamille! Your words are so sweet and just made my morning. 😀 It's so good getting to know everyone–including you through your blog and this post! Thanks again.

    (Abby, you're an absolute sweetheart, too. :D)

    -Kristin (Miller)

  3. Sarah Enni says:

    Kristin is definitely pretty awesome. Love this Valentine!!

  4. Kate Hart says:

    What a nice intro to the Kristin I <3. 🙂

  5. Jessica Love says:

    What a great tribute! Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Yamile says:

    Thank you all for stopping by my blog.

    Kristin, I'm glad you liked your Valentine.

  7. Leslie Rose says:

    What a neat way to meet someone. Love the blog.

  8. What a good idea, and I like the Irish look you've got going on too.
    Remember when we were in our workshop last summer and one of your blog friends came to our class to say hi? I met her at LTUE last week. She's very genuine and sweet. I've got to know her a little bit through blogger and was glad to see her again.
    Have a good week!

  9. I can't believe I said "I've got to know her." I've gotten sounds so much better. 😉

  10. Carolyn V says:

    A secret blogger valentine? That is soooo cool!!!! =) I'm a little late in posting, but I hope you had a fantastic Valentines! =)

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