New year, new beginnings, a new novel to work on, a new baby in the family. Make that two babies, because added to Rosalia’s, my sweet sister-in-law (whom I totally admire and adore), will be my own little baby, my number five. I’ll have my own futsal team! We couldn’t be happier. And I talk in plural because all six of us are ecstatic, as is the rest of our extended family, which keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I’m excited about 2012 and the challenges it will bring, those that I’m already anticipating and those I’m sure will take me by surprise. Being the stereotypical Sagittarius (spell check suggested “sanatorium.” Hmmm, maybe suggesting I should be in one?), I’m the eternal optimistic. Will this be the year I find a great agent to work with? Will the agent be the one who’ll find me? Will this be the year I write the “one”? Will I find the courage to apply for the MFA program I’ve been researching for years and years?

One morning, on the way to the school bus stop, still obscenly early to be awake, the kids and I were talking about goals. El Cangri’s goal seemed to be to remain awake long enough to make it to his seat on the bus. But the two older kids were interested in what my goals were. As usual, I got carried away, and by the time the bus arrived, I must have named at least a hundred.

There are so many things I want to do! Luckily, losing weight isn’t one of them (can’t because of the baby. Come July, I’ll be doing Crossfit every day. Or so I say now). But I’ll take it one day at the time. For now, one of my main ones is to write a little every day. I’m already doing my morning pages, but I also want to keep up with the blog, make it pretty, meet new people in the blogosphere. I’ll start by posting once a week. I know I’ve said this before, but it’s the new year, even though it took me almost two weeks to come to terms with it.

Oh! This year, because I don’t waste enough time online ;-), I signed up on pinterest. Today, I found this and pinned in on my board (?). I’m still not fluent in pinterest’s lingo. But I thought it was apropos, and I wanted to share.

What are some of your goals for the year?

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