Saturday, 10 January 2015

Today I flew by myself for the first time in years. In fact, the very last time I was on an airplane without Jeff or the kids was when I was still at BYU. So today on the flight I read and slept.

Vermont was colder than Utah, but I was expecting it to be even colder, so I wasn’t surprised. I had already made arrangements for a shuttle to take me to Montpelier, and while I waited, I had a wonderful conversation with the gentleman at the airport’s info counter. He told me of his days traveling the world as a delta employee, his love of horses, and pretty Spanish flamenco dancers. He’s of Irish-Scottish ascent, so he was way excited when he mentioned Irish dancing and I knew exactly what I was talking about. 
The trip to campus was super pleasant as the Bosnian driver pointed out the price of gasoline at the different stations we passed. 
I made it to campus and received my welcome package, including meal card and room key. My lovely roommate was already in the room. After dinner we had the new student orientation and I found out there are at least three other people from Utah. 
After some time pouring over all the welcome paperwork, going over my assignments, and talking books with my roommate I’m ready to turn in because tomorrow the real deal begins. 
I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be here! It’s a dream come true. And although the rooms are quite Spartan looking and the shower situation is more than interesting, I’m very excited for tomorrow. 
My desk, featuring my portable kettle for mate water:

My bed: featuring my pony sheets and my black bear to keep me company. 

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