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The Agony of Life in the Diáspora

Diáspora. Group of people displaced from the homelands, for any reason. Diáspora echoes of exile. Diáspora is a consequence of violence, war, economic disaster, hunger, dreams for a better future, love. When I left Argentina at age nineteen, I never believed I wouldn’t go back to live there again. In… Read more

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! National Hispanic Heritage Month

Come hop on to Thinking Through Our Fingers. Today I’m talking about some of my favorite Latinx authors of the moment. Hope to see your there! Read more

Life after graduation. The NOW.

I should be revising my MG. I should’ve gone for a run today. I should’ve maybe gotten up two hours before the kids to get a solid block of writing time done and start the day feeling like I’d slain a dragon.  What I should really do is silence the… Read more

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